07.09.2018 – 20h
@Place Sun-Yat-Sen

Leave me breathless. Sing for yourself. Here, dissonant voices are welcomed.

Karaoke produces an experience that is both collective and intimate, where impassioned voices are shared in enclosed spaces. On the evening of September 7, 2018, U Leave Me Breathless leaves the doors ajar, embedding karaoke within the public infrastructure at Place Sun-Yat-Sen in Montreal’s Chinatown.

U Leave Me Breathless (2018) is a site-specific digital installation introducing a downloaded 3D character inspired by the Vocaloid™ Hatsune Miku. Passersby enter a private box to sing their hearts out. Voices echoing in the square are accompanied by karaoke videos projected to the public,
crafted by Grace An using found footage.

This event was conceived by Thy Anne Chu Quang from Atelier Céladon and organized
with the support of Ville-Marie.

( ˘ ³˘)~~♥